July 30, 2007

dead laptop

so I'm up late, and my laptop has died. this normally wouldn't be a problem except for the following:
  1. I'm trying to finish a term paper to turn in by Wednesday
  2. It's the longest paper I've ever had to write, and it's almost finished
  3. I drank 2 cups of Earl Grey Tea, enough to keep me awake till at least midnight to keep working
  4. The laptop died at 10:30 pm
All of this adds up to being wide awake with words on the mind and only a hunk of plastic and wires to show for it, while slowly hearing the seconds tick away on the nearby clock. I can likely remedy the problem, but I'm not in the mood for a headache. . . at least not a bigger headache.

If all else fails, I providentially copied my file to a thumb drive before I broke for dinner. I can recover with that, and only lose about 2 hours of edits. At least, I hope that it hasn't died as well.

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