May 31, 2006

after a long hiatus, this blog will hopefully be heating up with the sweaty summer months that lie ahead. I'm already sunburned, so I'll write more when I can stop itching for a moment...

we were at siesta key near sarasota, florida, this weekend with michael and amy parks, our friends from Clemson Pres. we had a great time, even with the crazy drives to and from...

I am deep in the throws of reading for 3 courses. by next Friday, I will have finished 6 books and the better part of a 7th (as of yet, only 2 are completed, and 1 more has to arrive in the mail). I will more likely discuss these books on the Black Eagle Tavern blog, since that's the place for all things seminary. see my post about Rembrandt.

we've been laughing our a#*es off watching Arrested Development on DVD, and The Family Stone was a good view this past weekend. I am still being bowled over by The New World; I am finally returning it to Netflix after having it for nearly 3 weeks!

May 04, 2006

beware, massive update

so I've been out of touch with the real world for a few weeks, that is, if I was in touch with it in the first place... anyways, I have turned in all of my papers and await 3 exams on Monday and Tuesday. after that, I will breathe easy until my summer school classes startup May 19. there's a lot of info below, so I'll stop my yappin and let you get on with it.

black eagle tavern

I have just been invited to be a part of a blog collective, headed up by Justin Weeks, with Nathaniel Thompson, Luke Morton, and John Baek along for the ride. We'll be discussing just about anything. I will still post on Rare Sunshine, but be sure to check there from time to time to see what we're talking about.

Black Eagle Tavern

Farewell fond friend...

Jeep at the beach
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A few weeks ago, we started on the road to fuel economy by selling our Jeep to Sarah's parents. In return, they sold us a Mazda Protege and 95 Honda Accord, which have been working out quite nicely, but we still miss our first car...

In nearly 3 years of driving, he took us through 20 states and even across the border into Canada. He saw the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, the Redwood Forests and the barren desert, the Cascade, Rocky, and Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the Great Plains. He faithfully transported Sarah to and from work, whether in the urban jungle of Seattle or the backwoods of South Carolina, and managed to take the life of an unsuspecting deer and possibly wounding a crazy dog. Goodbye old friend, we'll miss you dearly...

Until the next time we drive to Columbia and see you in the driveway

Professors taken to task

Professors taken to task
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Every student's dream is to see their professors humbled and humiliated. This was a great day for us all at Erskine!

Seated from left: George Schwab, Old Testament; Dale Johnson, Reformation History.

On floor from left: Aaron Meadows, incoming Student Body President; Joe Slack, current Student Body Secretary and Graduate Life Chair (which I was elected to be for 06-07)


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The signature hole at the Cliffs course at Keowee Vineyards is #17. Where I'm standing is the tee, except when there are boats in the way (according to a posted sign), then you get to tee off over land, which would be better for me to not lose every one of my golf balls... that is, if I even played golf!

And if I had a pontoon boat, I would definitely sit and watch people play golf. That way I could sit there and sip my beer while other people get angry and curse the ground.

people watching

mr. gretzky
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I get a kick out of watching people getting all aflutter around celebrities.

I like it so much, I thought I'd take a picture of it.

Now, I would probably get this way if were to meet someone like Bono, so I won't be the first to cast a stone... but I will be the first to slap my knee and giggle behind their backs!