April 03, 2006

ah, small-town life

exciting thing that happened in Pendleton today #1:
someone's playing the theme from "Star Wars" on a trumpet on their back porch

New photos!

Sarah with Abigail Agan
Originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.

Put a few recent photos online... this past weekend was the Spring Jubilee in Pendleton. Shown here are Sarah and Abigail (Agan), sharing some wonderful homemade ice cream!

April 01, 2006

April Fool's Post

so I realize that it's about time for at least a quick update on our lives... Sarah is currently taking her Real Estate Licensing Exam, and I am at Panera Bread in Greenville studying for exams that I have next week in Hebrew (translating Jonah 3-4 & 1Samuel 1) and Old Testament (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, and the Latter Prophets). I'm also trying to stay on top of the different papers that I have to write before May. Just one more week of classes before Spring Break, and then in a 3 week period I have 5 papers due! 3 of them are fairly short responses to assigned readings, but 2 of them are pretty hearty in length and preparation, so I'm trying to get the shorties out of the way so I can focus on the bigger papers, which are due the last week of class.

next Thursday, we're flying to Kansas City for my sister Kate's wedding. it'll be a very quick visit, but in addition to seeing lots of family, we're gonna see Nick and Jen Johnson (who are moving to KC) and Joel and Karen Koenig (who have been in KC for almost a year).

this afternoon when we return to Pendleton, our little town of 3,000 will be swarmed by over 10,000 people attending the Annual Pendleton Jubilee. we live 1 block from the town square and the main festivities, so we won't have to worry about parking (we hope!). and then tonight we may attend a Bluegrass Fest on the grounds of Tri-County Technical College... but we may stay in because of immanent thunderstorms and the pending loss of sleep due to Daylight Savings tonight. we'll see...

so Happy April Fool's day... can't think of any pranks to play... but for something really funny, if you google my name now, the first entry is to the MySpace.com page that I started, and the link's description says that I'm 102 years old and female... which is news to me...

currently on iPod: using shuffle mode, so this instant, "Louie, Louie"... while in the background is a cacophony of Classical Guitar and Latté Makers...