July 16, 2007


28 facts about the number 28:

1. Roman Numeral = XXVIII
2. Number of days in the shortest month, February
3. Years normally follow a 28 year cycle; the year 28 years ago should have the same calendar as this year (but this is broken by 2000)
4. Number of letters in the Danish, Swedish, Arabic, and Esperanto Alphabets
5. Part of several movie titles: 28 Days, 28 Days Later, and 28 Weeks Later
6. Number of Dominoes in a standard set
7. Number of Human Teeth (not including wisdom teeth)
8. Postal Code for Madrid, Spain
9. Number of Chapters in the Book of Acts
10. Length of time in years that a copyright would last in the early part of the 20th Century (pre-1964); could be renewed for another 28 years before a work would become public domain
11. Jersey Number worn by Seattle Mariner Raul Ibanez (formerly a player for the Kansas City Royals)
12. President: Woodrow Wilson
13. Vice President: Thomas R. Marshall
14. State to join the Union: Texas (1845)
15. Street in NYC has 3 local subway stations
16. Number of the next amendment to the US Constitution (none pending)
17. The number itself is a Perfect Number, where all of its divisors added together equal the number itself (1+2+4+7+14=28)
18. Atomic number of Nickel (Ni)
19. Number of years it approximately takes for the planet Saturn to revolve around the earth
20. Opus for Fredric Chopin's 24 Preludes
21. Name of a band located in Cape Cod, Mass.
22. Rank of Billy Joel's "My Life" on the Billboard Top 100 in 1979 (my birth year)
23. Rank of Otis Redding's song "(Sittin On) The Dock of the Bay" on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs List
24. Rank of The Who's album "Who's Next" on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums List
25. Rank of Britney Spears' album "...Baby One More Time" on the Best-selling Albums in the US List (14 times platinum)
26. Rank of the film "Apocalypse Now" on the AFI 100 Greatest American Movies List
27. Rank of the film "The Empire Strikes Back" on the All Time Top US Grossing Films List
28. Episode Number of The Office show titled "Casino Night", the second season finale

And one to grow on... Number of candles on my cake last week

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