August 29, 2013

Images For The Way

This summer at Grace Church, the sermon series has been "Words For The Way: Wisdom From The Psalms." For each of the Psalms that we have looked at, I asked artists from our congregation to provide new and existing artworks that are meditations on the sermon text for the week. Here they are:

"Planted By The Water" by Kat McLean
Psalm 1 | Sermon: The Blessed Life"

Art: "Heartwood" by Kathryn Beals
Psalms 42+43 | Sermon: Words For Depression
See a speed-painting video of the creation of this piece

"Blessing" by Kathryn Beals
Psalm 100 | Sermon: Words For Praise
See a speed-painting video of the creation of this piece

"In The Depths" by Kat McLean
Psalm 88 | Sermon: "Words For The Darkness"

"Brokenness" by Mike Bahn 
Psalm 51 | Sermon: "Words For Waking Up In Vegas"

January 02, 2013

Psalm 72 - Doxology for Advent and Epiphany

This Sunday, January 6, churches observe the Epiphany of the Lord and begin the season of Epiphany, marking the next step in the Church Calendar following Advent and Christmas while preparing the way for Lent and the road to Easter.  Psalm 72 is frequently used at Advent and Epiphany to celebrate the Messianic fulfillment found in both the coming of Christ and his earthly ministry.

At Grace Church we sang Psalm 72:18-19 as our Doxology during Advent and Christmas, and we will continue to sing it through Epiphany to celebrate the glorious deeds of God in Christ.  

Doxology (Psalm 72)

Other song texts that help us to meditate on Psalm 72:

Jesus Shall Reign Where’er The Sun (Watts)

Hail To The Lord’s Anointed (Montgomery)

Prayer To The King