November 30, 2004

doubly thankful

Self portrait
Self portrait,
originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.
Well, being our first Thanksgiving together (even though last year we were 'together' in the sense that we were at my parents, but not 'together' in the we're married sense), we thought that we should do something unique and eat with not 1 but 2 groups here in Seattle. Early in the afternoon we ate at the Dunnington's, along with the Scotts and the Rocks from Green Lake Pres. We had a great time, and even celebrated Patrick Dunnington's 4th birthday with a piñata! (check for more pictures)

After basking in the food coma, we rolled ourselves over to Queen Anne to celebrate at the Gary's apartment, along with the Partains and a number of other folks from Green Lake Pres. We played Trivial Pursuit for 3 hours and ate more pie and turkey! In the meantime, we spent our brain capacity listing all of the types of rock music: hard rock, blues rock, soft rock, fraggle rock... you get the picture!

So I'm still new to this blog thing; have to keep up with the times. I uploaded all the pictures and forgot that I had to put something on my blog as well to remember the event. I also forget that people actually read this! Sorry there wasn't anything thought provoking this time around... maybe we can discuss more kinds of rock.

Soli Deo Gloria

November 15, 2004

lay your deadly "doing" down

this may be an old hymn for everyone else, but it's brand new to me. ran across it in preparing a study on Galatians 3:1-9. original lyric was by James Proctor.
Cast your deadly “doing” down—
Down at Jesus’ feet;
Stand in Him, in Him alone,
Gloriously complete.
great response to works-righteousness.

November 12, 2004

liturgy fellowship

Jamming out 01
Jamming out 01,
originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.
This past weekend, I had the opportunity to join other musicians writing for the church, from Seattle, Nashville, and Indianapolis. It was the inagural gathering of the Liturgy Fellowship, being headed up by Rick Jensen and Nathan Partain from Green Lake Presbyterian, the church where I am currently a member.

We headed up into the Cascade Mountains to the Grünewald Guild, a retreat center for the arts. While there, we discussed the future of music in the church, enjoyed each other's music, and ate quite well (defeated the idea of the 'starving artist'). I look forward to seeing what this group grows into. As the fellowship spreads across the country, the hope is that these small groups of musicians in the church will come together regularly to fellowship and edify each other.

One of the writers on the retreat was Brian Moss. He was a part of the beginnings of Indelible Grace in Nashville (he wrote the new version of "The Church's One Foundation") and is now the Worship Director at John Knox Presbyterian in Seattle. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a project he is calling Prayerbook, No. 1. It's actually only the end of the beginning for him, as this is only volume one of a hopefully 10 volume collection of new settings of all 150 Psalms. I admire his diligence to tackle this project, and I am excited to see how the Lord will change him as a man and as a writer. Check out his blog of the project to get more of his thoughts on this work. I got a chance to hear his versions of Psalm 1 & 14, and I was quite moved. I can only imagine how the project will move others (in its entirety, that is).

November 09, 2004

america the purple

so the election results have been in for a week now, and this article says it all.

November 05, 2004

rare sunshine

Originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.
If you're reading this, you're probably thinking to yourself, "why on earth is this blog entitled 'rare sunshine'?" To which I answer, "that's a very good question!"

So at the top of the blog, there's a quote from one of the Scottish Covenanters (Presbyterians who were opposed to influence of the British throne upon the church), many of whom were imprisoned and later executed. There is a great book entitled "Fair Sunshine" which details the lives of many of these 'modern day' martyrs, most of which will bring you to tears.

RUF in Seattle is attempting to put the finishing touches on a CD of new hymns and other worship songs, to be released when it's finished (don't you just love how exact we are with dates!). The title will be "Rare Sunshine".

All of this to say, Sarah was the one to come up with the title. She told me about the book and the great quote it comes from, and then changed the title a bit to better describe the state of Christianity here in Seattle.

Go to this page to listen to rough mix samples from a few of the songs, and for now you'll have to enjoy the photos that I've gotten when I'm not in front of ProTools.

independent presbyterian

Originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.
Here is a photo we took in Savannah, GA on our honeymoon this August. Independent Presbyterian Church is a part of the PCA and is pastored by Terry Johnson.