May 25, 2008

moving in

there are many many things that I could write about our move this week to California, so here are a few nuggets:
  • we got the keys to our apartment.  it's a 1 bedroom place in Menlo Park.  we're 2 blocks from a Peet's Coffee, and there are 3 supermarkets in walking distance.  we're also close to Stanford's campus and 3.4 miles from the Grace Pres. office.
  • unfortunately, our apartment is still quite empty.  everything had gone smoothly with PODs for shipping our things out here, until I got the call last week that it would be May 30th when they could deliver it.  yes, one week after I had originally scheduled it.  rather than letting our spirits down, this gave us the opportunity to camp out in the apartment!  we're borrowing an air mattress and are eating off of paper plates.  fortunately, there's a WiFi signal here, otherwise I'd be freaking out! 
  • we've been car shopping, test driving all sorts of "pre-owned" vehicles.  most salesmen have not defied our expectations, and we've driven some really great cars, but also a few stinkers (literally).  trying to narrow down "what we want" and "what we can afford" still.
  • we're off to church in less than an hour, and I'll start work on Tuesday.  we've already had a couple of great nights of fellowship, and we've been invited to a Memorial Day BBQ.  the weather is rather cool, which is really nice except in the morning when we can't bundle up enough since our "not summer" clothes are in the POD!  hopefully tomorrow we'll have a chance to go for a hike or drive to the coast, getting out of the city for a little break.
I'll try to post photos soon.  thank you all for your prayers in getting us out here safely!

May 07, 2008

t-minus 14 days and counting...

many of you know that things are about to really change around the Brodine house.  I've taken a position as the Music Director of Grace Presbyterian Church of the Silicon Valley, based in Palo Alto, CA.  if you're unfamiliar with the left coast, Palo Alto is 30 miles (or is it minutes?) south of San Francisco, is the college town connected to Stanford University, and is the hub for one of the biggest technology centers in the world.

graduation is the 18th, and Sarah and I will be on a plane bound for Cali on the 21st.  I begin my position on the 27th and lead music on June 1st.

if you're interested in learning a little bit about Grace Pres, you can visit their website: