November 28, 2005

Cameron Crowe on Cameron Crowe

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Sarah and I are doing well. We went to Columbia, SC, to eat turkey, and we saw Harry Potter on Friday night with all the high schoolers!

Just saw this on Paste: Cameron Crowe discussing his films. Whether or not you liked Elizabethtown, he's still one of the better, optomistic directors out there. Say Anything is still one of my all-time favorites.

November 11, 2005

don't you love a Christian who speaks his mind?

I don't usually like to post these sort of things on this blog, but Pat Robertson has said too many things this year that have ruffled me...
Pat Robertson warns Pa. town of disaster: "'I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God. You just rejected him from your city,' Robertson said on the Christian Broadcasting Network's '700 Club.'"

Thank you Pat, for once again sticking your foot in the collective mouth of American Christianity... or should I say the mouth of the Body of Christ?

November 09, 2005

post #100!!!

Sorry that I don't have anything exciting to say for my hundreth post... I think I've been doing this blog for about a year... it's been fun, hope you've enjoyed it!

Life is flying along and will hit the brakes for Thanksgiving a week from today. Next week looks like this:
  • Research Paper due - Tuesday morning
  • Hebrew Quiz over Jonah 1:10-16 - Tuesday night
  • Test over Matthew-Acts - Wednesday morning
  • Test over Exodus-Deuteronomy - Wednesday afternoon
After that, I only have 1 paper to write and a few respones to write before exams.... please pray for more hours in the day (if that's in the Lord's will! :)

November 02, 2005

free Son Volt show at All Songs Considered

NPR: All Songs Considered – If you haven't had a chance, don't miss out on the web-only show from NPR, All Songs Considered. Great mix of music on and off the beaten trail. Even better are the regular postings of live shows, typically streaming, but they have an entire show for download from Son Volt, alt. country rockers from the lineage of Wilco. Don't miss the Death Cab for Cutie show posted there, as well as The Shins opening for The White Stripes.