January 10, 2006

2006 viewing/listening journal

here's what I've seen/heard so far in 2006 (out of 5 *'s)


Benchwarmers ***


Madea's Family Reunion ***.5
Me and You and Everyone We Know (DVD) ****


Walk the Line (DVD) ****
Batman Begins (DVD) ****.5 – 2nd viewing
Luther (DVD) ***.5 – 2nd viewing
The Constant Gardener (DVD) ****

Caedmon's Call, Share the Well *****


Hoodwinked ****
Junebug (DVD) ****
Cape Fear (VHS) ****
Millions (DVD) ****.5
Raising Arizona (VHS) ****.5
Monk: Season 3 (DVD)
(affected by Winter Olympics!)

Indelible Grace IV: Beams of Heaven *****
Patty Griffin, A Kiss In Time (Live) ****
the innocence mission, Christ Is My Hope *****
Johnny Cash, The Legend of *****
Thelonius Monk, Monk In Paris: Live At The Olympia *****
Iron & Wine/Calexico, In the Reins ****.5
Belle & Sebastian, selected downloads from The Life Pursuit ***
Hem, selected downloads from No Word From Tom ***** ("So. Central Rain" and "Radiation Vibe")
Spoon, selected downloads from Gimme Fiction **.5
The Decemberists, Castaways and Cutouts
Paste Magazine Sampler 20 – Highlights: "Girl In The War" Josh Ritter; "Seventeen Dirty Magazines" Modern Skirts; "Chaos" Mute Math; "You've Been Faithful To Us Clouds" Half-Handed Cloud

January (includes late-December)

King Kong ****
Born Into Brothels (DVD) ***** – 2nd viewing
The Office: Series 2 (DVD) ****
24: Season 1 (DVD) ***.5 (only because it took so dang long to finish!)
Murderball ****
Vertigo//2005. U2 Live from Chicago *** (Elevation DVD is better produced)

Imogen Heap, Speak For Yourself **** (stand-out track "Hide and Seek")
The Decemberists, Picaresque ****
Theolonius Monk Quartet with John Coltrane, Live at Carnegie Hall ***** (a must-listen, if not a must-buy!)
The Arcade Fire, Funeral ****.5 (stand-out track "Wake Up")
Rosie Thomas, If Songs Could Be Held ***.5
Alison Krauss & Union Station, Lonely Runs Both Ways ****

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

If you like 24: Season One, you'll be hooked. Janet and I started with season one and are finishing up season three. I got Season Four for Christmas so I imagine we'll watch that one shortly also.

Just don't watch ANY later episodes lest it give away something you're just about to see.

It is an odd thing that Jack is the protagonist but also pretty brutal.