January 10, 2006

oi, happy new years!

so I've been sitting on my duff for (nearly) the past month, and I haven't gotten on here to post. how selfish of me! and then I saw that there is a link to this blog from another blog that I read, so I realized I didn't want to get left off someone's list who has been so kind to list me... here's that blog by the way... common grounds, which I know folks that contribute to it, but didn't realize they knew me! if any of you are reading this, thanks! I'll try to be more faithful to my linkage :)

Sarah and I had a great Christmas season with our families... and New Year's Eve we partied with ourselves, counting down with post-stroke Dick Clark and the rest of NYC. this is actually my first time to see the ball drop at the actual stroke of midnight. I've either been in Central Time of Pacific Time, so I would still have to wait an hour or three to actually usher in the new year, in a roundabout way, even though I could still usher in the new year from a different time zone, but it's just not the same, if you know what I mean...

enough semantics!

Sarah has started her new position at the Cliffs and is loving it! in February she'll take a course to get her Real Estate License, and her new boss has been teaching her sales techniques. I think she'll be great at it!

this month, I am taking a course on the Westminster Standards on Saturdays. 4 full-day class meetings and I get 3 credits! pretty cool huh? I've already read A Short History of the Westminster Assembly, and I'm currently in the middle of the Westminster Confession itself. by the last class session, I have to finish an 8-10 page research paper on some doctrine of my choosing. I'm considering Infant Baptism, since during last week's lecture, Dr. Ross (my prof.) said that Baptists understand their doctrine of Baptism extremely well, whereas Presbyterians don't. I figure this is a good a time as any to dig into it. I'll hopefully post any findings here.

when I'm not reading, I'm working in the music ministry at Clemson Pres. we recorded the Christmas Services where we had a full choir and orchestra, and I've been mixing and picking which songs will go on the final record. as of this morning, Dave Conley, music pastor, signed off on the final product and we'll begin duplication by tomorrow. I've never done an orchestral/choir album, so I really enjoyed the challenge of making our album sound like other ones from that genre.

'why release a Christmas CD in the middle of January?' you may ask. well, Dave and I think that this is the best way to break-in the fledgling Recording Ministry of Clemson Pres. we have a lot of plans for projects other than music, so we want our first recording release to be one that the whole congregation was involved in creating. our next release is just around the corner, so read on...

the rest of this week I will be working on the Clemson Pres. Praise Band CD (string session on Thursday) and hope to have it ready for sale by early February. also this week I will be putting the finishing touches on a CD for Chris Granberry, missionary on the Yakama Indian Reservation in Washington state.

on this blog, I'm starting a viewing and listening journal, inspired by Jeff Overstreet at looking closer. thought it would be a good thing to keep track of what I see and hear in the coming year... also, later this week, look for my idea of a "Best of 2005 List"... 'the best of what?' you might ask, but all I'll say is that you'll have to check back and see...

currently on iTunes: NPR's Sunday Puzzle

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