December 16, 2005

Chainsaws are for girly-men!

Chainsaws are for girly-men!
Originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.

All is cold and well here in Pendleton. I just finished exams and have break until January. Sarah is at her last day of work in her current position. And there are tree branches strewn about our backyard!

Yesterday we had quite the ice storm throughout the upstate of South Carolina, to the point that Sarah's work, among many other places, was closed. I played Christmas tunes on the piano at the Pendleton Coffee Shop while Sarah got to enjoy her day off. Meanwhile, many people went without power. Our power stayed on fortunately.

We awoke this morning to quite the cleanup. Sarah headed off to work, and I spent 2 hours in the backyard dragging tree limbs to the curb. And all I used was this hand saw! There are more photos of the destruction on my Flickr Photo Blog, just click on the photo to be magically transported there.

We head out of town tomorrow to ski with my family in Colorado through Wednesday, and then we'll be in Columbia to spend Christmas with her family.

And hopefully I will post more often in the coming weeks now that the semester is finished! :)

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