August 11, 2008

here there and everywhere

Sarah and I have been exploring the area lately. for our anniversary, we spent 2 nights in San Francisco, eating and walking and exploring and having a great time. we highly recommend picking up a copy of the SF Lonely Planet Guide if you're in the area; we failed to be disappointed by any of its recommendations. our one recommendation: bring your hiking shoes.

last night, we trekked over to North Oakland to visit friends who were in town for the weekend. the Bay Area is so vast and diverse, it's going to take a long time to really see it all. last night, we returned home by way of the Bay Bridge, which connects Oakland and San Francisco. we crossed at dusk, watching the sun die behind the fog enveloping Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, and the Transamerica Building. iPod's shuffle feature finally did something proper and brought up Sufjan Steven's paean to the wonder of new life and the city, "Chicago". a beautiful exclamation point for a few chances to explore the area.

ps. I don't use 'exclamation point' lightly as I am reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves at the moment, but I'll post about that later.

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