January 04, 2007

How to paint a room in 1.5 minutes

Sarah and I recently completed our first house project: painting the bedroom. We documented the process, and I whipped up a nice little video to show everyone. Enjoy!


brendan said...

Ah, the endless fun of YouTube. I figured I should tell you that your link to my site is outdated -- here's the correct URL. How are things going in your neck o' the woods?

Jenny Atkinson said...

That was terrific! I need to come and visit :)

Andy said...

dude, sweet video! now kate and I just need to come see it firsthand.

thanks for posting on my blog...i appreciate the support!

hope you and sarah are doing well.

Blessed Because of Him, The Haven said...

Sarah, this is Joshua Espinosa. Trust all is well. I ran across y'all's blog at the Stratpack's site. It looks as if all is well with you. You can catch up with me at, http://teamspino.blogspot.com

Every Blessing.