January 02, 2007

goodbye 2006

I'd love to post my opinions about the 10 best albums, 10 best films, 10 best books, 10 best hamburgers, etc. of 2006, but I don't have the time and/or money to come up with even 1 worthwhile Top 10 list. in light of this fact, I am going to ramble off a haphazardly numbered list of what I remember liking about 2006:
  1. The New World – was it the best film of 2006? or 2005? depends on who you ask, but most intelligent folks that I follow would say this is the best film of 2006. I haven't seen a film like this in a while, or ever. Comes close to Wings of Desire if you've seen that.
  2. Sufjan Stevens in concert – I'm still at a loss for words on this one. Unbelievable night of songs, strings, and beauty. My Brightest Diamond (the opening act) is one not to miss.
  3. New York City – My first visit to the Big Apple is one that I don't plan on forgetting, getting to see major landmarks, visiting numerous art galleries, and eating great. Can't wait to go back.
  4. Washington DC – Not as much time as I spent in NYC, but Sarah and I had a great day trip into the District. Got to see some amazing Rembrandts and El Grecos.
  5. Andrew Peterson Christmas Concert – A free show in December outside of Greenville. Wasn't sure what to expect, though Joel has been raving about this show for years. Needless to say, Sarah and I were both floored and plan to never miss another tour again.
  6. The Office (BBC & NBC) – I can't get enough of this kind of uncomfortable comedy. It drives Sarah up the wall. I got NBC Season 1 for Christmas and already have Season 2 on order from Amazon.
  7. Rembrandt – currently my favorite artist. I read 2 interesting biographies on his life and work.
  8. Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere – This is crazy pop music at its best.
  9. Josh Ritter - The Animal Years
  10. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife – Just got this for Christmas but it's already getting heavy rotation
  11. Sufjan Stevens - Music For Christmas – I already had vol. 1-3, and 4 & 5 are a great addition. *honorable shout-out goes to The Avalanche, Sufjan's collection of outtakes from his incredible Illinois album. good stuff, but worth just getting the good stuff from iTunes.
  12. Alexi Murdoch - Time Without Consequence
  13. Theolonius Monk with John Coltrane - Live at Carnegie Hall – I got this in early 2006, though it was released in mid-2005. Gosh, what a brilliant find! Can you imagine being the guy at the National Archives who dusted this thing off and played it back for the first time?!?
  14. Junebug – don't miss the performance of Amy Adams (nominated for an Oscar last year)
  15. Movies about words – We rented and liked from best to worst: Wordplay, Spellbound, Akeelah and the Bee, Word Wars
  16. TV on DVD – We've watched a lot of Monk, Scrubs, and House M.D.
  17. Netflix – without this, we probably would have watched reruns of That 70s show the whole year
so here's to 2006! (see Sarah's blog to get more about our lives this year)

hello 2007!

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