February 03, 2006

"where do your loyalties lie?"

So some people here in South Carolina have been asking me if I'll be cheering for the Seattle Seahawks during the Super Bowl this Sunday evening. I'm assuming they ask this because I lived in Seattle for the last few years. I did have to think this through, weighing many factors, and here's the rules I came up to progress towards decision:
  1. I grew up in Kansas City, so ultimately I am a Chiefs fan
  2. Since the Chiefs haven't seen the Super Bowl in my lifetime, I usually pick to cheer for the AFC team since it is the better conference overall, except if it's the Raiders, which is trumped by my longstanding rule "I cheer for whoever is playing against the Raiders" (this also works for the Ravens and the Falcons, but it has not been as longstanding as the Raiders)
  3. But still, I lived in Seattle, which would seem to trump the previous 2 rules. Unfortunately, I never ever watched a Seahawks game while I was in Seattle. I think it was Ed Dunnington who told me "when you move to Seattle, you have to decide to go to church or be an NFL fan." Because of the time change, we don't get out of church until the late games are about to start, so you just lose interest in Sunday afternoon football.
  4. "So what, Seattle has never been to the Super Bowl and Pittsburgh has won it many times before!" Well, not with Jerome Bettis, who is one of the most reliable running backs in the past decade. He needs a ring before he retires.
  5. Face it, Seattle is not a "championship" town... This is not so much my argument but from Sports Illustrated... Read the last page of the current issue for this (I read it today in the doctor's office... couldn't find it online).
  6. And finally, the card that trumps all cards unless rule #1 still holds true: I married a Pittsburgh family! Both of Sarah's parents grew up there, and a lot of family is still there. Also, I've been watching the Steelers for most of the season, so it'll be easier to follow the players.
So, sorry Seattle, no soup for you... I raise my latte to you for making it this far, but you're gonna have to fall...

(fortunately, it was Seattle and not the Carolina Panthers... I'd have to justify a whole lot more to cheer against the local team!)

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punk...care for a little wager to be settled in a few weeks????