October 11, 2005

major and minor keys

We shouldn’t limit ourselves to major key songs! The Psalms reveal that much of the Christian life might be spent in a minor key, and it’s time that the church became honest about this reality as well. The church needs to be able to lament together, and minor key songs help us do that. They help us to be honest about the trials and emotions that we encounter on our pilgrimage to heaven. They help give expression to our sorrowful thoughts and feelings in ways that honor God and encourage us to persevere. We neglect them to our own impoverishment.

—Mark Dever and Paul Alexander in THE DELIERATE CHURCH: BUILDING YOUR MINISTRY ON THE GOSPEL. Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2005, p. 123. ISBN 1-58134-738-3.

This is a great quote that I got today from a mailing list. This week we sang "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" during communion at Clemson Pres. My parents were there, and my dad said that in 20 years going to his church in Kansas City, he has never sung that hymn. We talked about the very thing that this quote points to. I know that in many ways, it's easier for me to worship in a minor key, and more often should go to the major, but this is different than most of the church in America.


Justin said...

1. I love that you put the ISBN...
2. Great quote...I only kinda know what you and they are talking about (since we both know I need everything about music explained) but I think I got the gist and would have to agree.

Brian Moss said...

Definitely a quote-worthy quote that I'll be quoting. I would take it one step further though and say that the American church's inability to lament is the greatest challenge we face in worship. (I think I'm quoting someone there too but I can't remember.)

terry said...

mark dever is great! we've attended his church in dc when we visit there. love to listen to teachings at his church's website