October 18, 2005

flying by

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so life is flying along at a fast clip... here's a quick snippet of what you'd see if you were standing on the platform as the train flies by:
  • mid-terms are hitting this week and next. tonight I have a Hebrew quiz over verb forms, followed by a full-blown test next week (what's the difference? don't ask me...) tomorrow in Old Testament is an exam on Genesis. phew, what a lot of things I never knew about Genesis... next week I have a test on the early church through Augustine (5th Century)... and then I have an exam over the later half of the Old Testament... yikes!!!
  • Sarah's job is showing good prospects in the not too distant future. nothing is set in stone yet, but it is all very promising!
  • we house-sat this past weekend, and slept in two nights what some people would get in a week!
  • we also say Elizabethtown... highly recommend it, but don't be distracted by any similarity it has to Garden State
  • we visited a PCA Church Plant in Greenville called Downtown Presbyterian... it is pastored by Brian Habig, former RUF Campus Minister at Vanderbilt
  • we're heading to Atlanta this Saturday for the 1st Annual Paste Magazine Rock 'n Reel Festival... notable appearances from Over the Rhine, Low, Kids with Cameras (from Born into Brothels), and the guys from Homestar Runner.... all that for $15, hot diggity!
  • every Wednesday night I record with the Clemson Presbyterian Music Team... we're 7 songs into an album with a hopeful release before Christmas...
So that's as brief an overview as I can give... email or call us if you want to hear more... and we'd love to hear from you... post a comment so we know how you're doing!

currently downloading on iTunes (for the road trip):
  • low
  • Erin McKeown
  • Frou Frou
  • Iron & Wine
  • Richard Buckner


Paul Swanson said...

Hey man, how's everything going? Well, I guess I could just read your blog, but yeah...Everything has been going great over hurr in Sea-Town. I'm really excited because I'm doing worship tomorrow at RUF for the first time this year! It's definitely been awhile...haha. I'm so glad you and the missus are being successful over there on the other side of the PLANET...Oh man, I still haven't seen Crash yet! I'll definitely tell you when I do, and we can get all philisophical and deep like the good ole days, haha! I've been pretty busy, but I love it! Haha, I better go, but e-mail me sometime or something and we'll chat it up, yo. Fo sho. Word.

See ya!

Jenny Atkinson said...

Hope to see you in the ATL this weekend. Let me know what your plans are!

bruce said...

Hey Luke!

looks great...hope all is well, look forward to hearing the xmas album.
bruce - indy

Justin said...

dude...I wanna go to the festival, but I'm no where near ATL...good luck on all the tests. Thanks for the help the other day with wrapping my head around redemption-justification-adoption

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked my Pic ;o)