September 03, 2005

Another back yard friend

Another back yard friend
Originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.

You must be thinking, "do they have nothing better to do in South Carolina than take pictures of animals around the house?" Well, truth is that we haven't had much time to get out to do things to have pictures of. It's been work work work for Sarah and school school school for me.

I was mowing the lawn the other day and was totally freaked out by this spider; so freaked out that I didn't mow in the corner where I first saw him. A few days later I finally snapped a picture of him and went online to identify it (and also figure out if he would eat my flesh!) Turns out that he's only a harmless garden spider, the Black and Yellow Argiope. The article I read says that they're actually a very helpful garden spider since they eat a lot of bugs. All they do is sit there with their head down (almost playing dead), and they even eat their web every night and spin a new one in the morning!

So I've decided to not kill him, or at least transplant him to my neighbors yard, but I guess I'll have to be out late mowing that corner if it's ever gonna get done!

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robyn a. jones said...

that is the coolest picture... :)