June 19, 2005

ouch, first new blog in 10 days

so I thought I might have internet access during our trip to Alaska, but at $0.30 a minute, I decided I could better spend my that change doing other things. Here is a short list of what I could do after a certain number of minutes:
  • 4 minutes – buy a 20 oz. bottle of Dr. Pepper
  • 10 minutes – round-trip bus fare on the Metro
  • 14 minutes – double tall non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte from Starbucks
  • 31 minutes – see Batman Begins
  • 50 minutes – buy the new Coldplay CD
needless to say, I don't usually think in these ways, except when it comes to things that usually come for free (now that I have a wireless card, free Wi-Fi aplenty!).

in the next few days, we'll be posting plenty of photos from our trip. we'll also be packing up our entirely huge (glorified studio) apartment, so we'll have to see which takes precedence!

if you're still in Seattle, I'd love to see you (and that means everyone). we move on the 29th, so that's just 10 days left! email or call me and we'll get coffee, tea, dinner, a movie, whatever....

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