June 07, 2005

Episode III

Sarah and I went with a group this past Saturday to The Cinerama to see Episode III. It was somewhat satisfying, somewhat disappointing, both feelings completely not surprising.

There is little that I could add to the dearth of reviewing and analysis that has gone on over the past month, so I won't attempt to say something original at this point about the movie. But I will create a word that has never been spoken, since I'm feeling the need to be original: jarboglinate. I am attempting to define this word, so please comment if you have a definition.

But here's the real question: What if we were only given Episode III as a prequel to the original Star Wars Trilogy? Barring the need to cover the obvious gaps in the story that Episodes I and II fill in for us, how would we compare Episode III to the other 3 films? I currently feel that Episode III is so satisfying largely in part to its predecessors. Would I like it if my expectations weren't so low to begin with? Please post your comments!


Anonymous said...

"No, there is no word to describe the sheer perfection of this show, so I am forced to make one up, and I will right now: scrumtralescent."
-Will Ferrell as the guy on Inside the Actor's Studio

Did you mean to copy him, or was this just sheer coincidence!?

-Paul Swanson

lbrodine said...

By George, I totally forgot that! I was thinking of "Garden State" when Natalie Portman's character does a little dance and makes a noise that no one has ever done before when she's feeling down (I just watched it again earlier this week)... but I think the SNL thing is much better!