November 05, 2004

rare sunshine

Originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.
If you're reading this, you're probably thinking to yourself, "why on earth is this blog entitled 'rare sunshine'?" To which I answer, "that's a very good question!"

So at the top of the blog, there's a quote from one of the Scottish Covenanters (Presbyterians who were opposed to influence of the British throne upon the church), many of whom were imprisoned and later executed. There is a great book entitled "Fair Sunshine" which details the lives of many of these 'modern day' martyrs, most of which will bring you to tears.

RUF in Seattle is attempting to put the finishing touches on a CD of new hymns and other worship songs, to be released when it's finished (don't you just love how exact we are with dates!). The title will be "Rare Sunshine".

All of this to say, Sarah was the one to come up with the title. She told me about the book and the great quote it comes from, and then changed the title a bit to better describe the state of Christianity here in Seattle.

Go to this page to listen to rough mix samples from a few of the songs, and for now you'll have to enjoy the photos that I've gotten when I'm not in front of ProTools.

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