November 18, 2010


do you take any steps in preparing to worship on Sundays?  like a musician practices her parts before getting together with others to make music, how do you get ready for church?

recently I have started tweeting the weekly worship set at Grace Pres, thanks to a handy function of Planning Center Online that gives a url that links to the full set, including the song listings.  you can find my latest tweet-age here.

as a worshiper, I find it helpful for me to prepare my heart and mind for worship by knowing what songs and prayers will be incorporated into an upcoming service.  if there's a song with which I'm not familiar, I might take the time to go look up the words or learn the melody (see that on the Planning Center link, there are Amazon MP3 links for many of the songs we'll be doing).

as a worship planner, I find it helpful to know what other congregations are singing.  it helps to see the frequency that songs are used, how the songs fit together in an entire set, and what new/old material is being done by ears that I trust.  one congregation I follow, Sojourn Community Church in Lexington, does a FULL blog post each week about their setlist, including prayers, scripture readings, and reflection on why each song was chosen.  I'd love to something more informative like this, but it would require more time than I can offer.  in the meantime, I'll keep tweeting away, and following the tweets of other churches.

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