November 12, 2007

music updates

my music production has been minimal as of late, mainly working on little things here and there at the church. here is a short list of things that are out there on the web that I haven't posted on here yet (I think):
  • Luke Morton, No More To Fear - Luke and I worked together for RUF in Seattle, and we produced Rare Sunshine together. Toward the end of my time there, he began work on a solo project of his hymn rewrites, and I had the pleasure of adding a few piano tracks. One of those cuts is available on his MySpace page; the track is called "Sins Underfoot".
  • Red Mountain Music, This Breaks My Heart of Stone - Red Mountain out of Birmingham, AL is one of the leading groups doing hymn rewrites at the moment; I think that their amount of output is second to none. I've gotten to know them through a few sources, let alone the fact that they've employed the talents of friends of mine from days gone by (Irwin, you know I'm talkin' bout ya!). For their latest album, I engineered a vocal track for them with Matthew Terrell singing. Matt has sung on their albums before, but was unable to meet up with them, so I stepped in with microphone in hand to save the day. This past August (?) Matt came over and sang in my closet. You can hear the results on their page; the song is #7 "God of My Life, To Thee I Call".
  • Indelible Grace, Wake Thy Slumbering Children - In the past, I've played accordion for a few Indelible Grace tracks. I've kept up with Kevin and the group by transcribing the new songs for songbooks and the RUF Hymnbook website. The new album is about ready to drop, and I'm working at the moment on getting the lead sheets ready.

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