September 11, 2007

let it fall

used as a metaphor, RAIN is typically used by songwriters to express
  • tears
  • sadness
  • loneliness
why isn't rain ever used to express joy?
  • we speak of water as being refreshing.
    • how about the amazing fact that refreshment falls from the sky?
  • we speak of water as being cleansing.
    • what about cleansing floods from gray skies?
  • we speak of water as being nourishing.
    • what about the renewal of the earth that doesn't rely on man's caretaking?
that's my deep thought for the day while sitting at Jittery Joe's, watching the rain coming down through large plate glass windows, the first sign that fall is arriving (today's high = 93; tomorrow's high = 80), and the first substantial rain we've had in a long time (drought conditions are everywhere we look - brown grass, yellowing leaves, clay dusty everything)

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