June 28, 2007

June has been crazy hectic. I have some things brewing that I'm going to post here, but in the meantime, I'll post what someone else has already said better.

Part of my recent work has been for our Worship Team Sunday School class; quick teaching bits with a good bit of discussion. Recently I've been talking about how idolatry can sneak into our worship. This week we're talking about Worship Styles, so please pray for me as I prepare to touch this extremely sensitive wound in the Church today; pray that I might lend ointment to our discussion and not lemon juice.
I've been reading Bob Kauflin's blog a lot recently; his posts have gotten me started on a number of Sunday School lessons already. This past week he talked about that great debate about using the dreaded "personal pronoun" in our worship. In response he talks about the objective, subjective, and reflective aspects of our worship. You can read the whole post yourself, but here's a pithy remark to end my post:
A lot of times I see churches react to a perceived imbalance and end up being unbalanced themselves - either all emotion or all theology. God wants us to enjoy both. Our songs should reflect the passionate God-centeredness of the Psalms, filled with emotion, struggle, and personal language, but leaving no doubt as to the Creator-Redeemer around whom everything revolves. Praise God, there are an increasing number of songs, both old and new, that help us the balance in tension.

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