December 20, 2006

an irish merry christmas

On 12/17/06, we did a set of 4 Irish songs merged with Christmas Tunes at the Clemson Presbyterian Evening Service. The above video (taken by Sarah) is from "O Come All Ye Faithful", though you won't hear the melody since we're in the Irish tune the whole time.

We recorded the music that night, so I hope to be posting the mixes pretty soon for everyone's holiday enjoyment as you're trying to pick out those last minute gifts and prepare for late night Christmas Eve services!

If you're trying to figure out who is in the video, here's the band members from left to right:

Fiddle - Kristin Miesbauer
Penny Whistle, Guitar - David Conley
Bodhran, Percussion, Cello - Robyn Davis
Mandolin, Percussion - Jimmy Agan
Accordion, Guitar - Luke Brodine
Guitar - Chris Topping

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