October 20, 2006

will i ever have a study break?

probably not... at least not at my current pace...

I'm trying to champion the art of procrastination.
I'm trying to find a way to put off what should have been done yesterday.
I'm trying to learn how to make more hours in the day.

I had a paper due this Wednesday for Systematic Theology. It is on the Doctrine of God. Light subject, I know. My professor is pretty lenient on turning things in. If I turn it in, I get a grade for it. Plain and simple. So this paper that was due Wednesday, I'm about 5 minutes away from starting it. I should have started it a month ago when I had the assignment, but that would have been too easy. And I would have not gotten other things done that were more important at the time. But now I have to work on a paper that's already past due, while I should be writing my first sermon that I have to give next Thursday, reading my next book for New Testament, memorizing my Greek vocabulary, oh yeah, and start writing my next paper for Systematic on the Doctrine of Humanity.

It's a vicious cycle, but some has to be stupid enough to get themselves into it.

In the mean time, while you're putting off doing something else more important, check out the new Clemson Presbyterian Church website. It went live last week and it has a lot of cool features, like podcasting. I hope I'll have time to put samples up from the new CD we just started selling. It's what I sweat over for the past year, and I think it turned out alright.

must come up for air... must think to breathe... must keep treading water...

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Spencer said...

mmmm, let's see, Doctrine of God, Doctrine of Humanity...and Doctrine of Procrastination.. I got a synthesis for you Luke!

You see, In a book that I started writing 6 years ago (just a little procrastinator I am, truth is, I can't finish it till the chapters keep coming) called "Moments of Truth".. In it, I call Seminary - "faith boot camp" ... or in more depth, "walking beneath the surface of life."

So here is your synthesis realized through an in depth study while you were walking (What a great footnote uuh?) First, the the Doctrine of God (Thesis: He is in control). Second, The Doctrine of Humanity (antithesis: we rhetorically sin by procrastinating)

Thirdly, The Doctrine of Rustling Leaves is your final paper and synthesis: God's creation is all that really matters while even as we procrastinate He cares enough to remind us that we too are His creation, and refreshing is what God is all about, therefore procrastination it is not always a sin when it brings about refreshing.

That, my friend is "A Moment of Truth." Delight in the same things the Lord does... even the rustling of leaves.

Thanks for the 'leaf' inserts for my book...!!!! GOOD STUFF. now....I gotta do some Greek seeing how I am only 2 weeks behind and we have class tonight. ha

Hasta pronto en Griego clase