March 20, 2006

but I still love technology...

even though it means I got to watch every agonizing minute of the Kansas-Bradley catastrophe on Friday night! I was totally excited about the March Madness On Demand website, since my beloved Jayhawks were being pre-empted by the local favorite UNC-Chapel Hill Tarheels (who also lost painfully this weekend). But no, it was all in vain since they played like they did during our 3-4 start to the season, and Bradley brought their A-game.

Then they brought their A-game against Pittsburgh on Sunday, and defeated my father-in-law's Alma Mater. He and I did have a bet going that the loser of the Pitt-Kansas game would take the other out for lunch in Columbia next weekend, but now all we can do is commiserate together over our hopes being dashed... (thanks KU for being out in the first round 2 years in a row)

so instead, I am treating you all to a look at the Erskine Campus, which is nearly empty this week due to the college's spring break...

I leave you with the words of Kip... "always and forever..."

currently in iTunes: Caedmon's Call "Share the Well" (for Erskine Missions Conference, Thurday)

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