November 09, 2005

post #100!!!

Sorry that I don't have anything exciting to say for my hundreth post... I think I've been doing this blog for about a year... it's been fun, hope you've enjoyed it!

Life is flying along and will hit the brakes for Thanksgiving a week from today. Next week looks like this:
  • Research Paper due - Tuesday morning
  • Hebrew Quiz over Jonah 1:10-16 - Tuesday night
  • Test over Matthew-Acts - Wednesday morning
  • Test over Exodus-Deuteronomy - Wednesday afternoon
After that, I only have 1 paper to write and a few respones to write before exams.... please pray for more hours in the day (if that's in the Lord's will! :)

1 comment:

Stephen said...

May our great Father in heaven grant you His perfect grace this week, Luke! You'll be in my prayers, brother. Thanks for all your posts!

Christ is everything,
Stephen Kreiger