August 11, 2005

We found a house!

112 Cherry Street - 2
Originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.

After looking and looking, and changing our minds more than once (!), we found a place to rent! More details coming soon, but we've posted 10 photos (just click on the one above and it'll take you there).

We're moving to Pendleton, SC (next to
Clemson, SC), and about 30 minutes from Erskine. Go here to see a map...


Bruce, Son of Leod said...

Brodie! Congrats on the house, it looks very nice. Right now I'm road trippin from Seattle to Phoenix (my mom and sister are moving there, but I'm flying back up to where my life is!), and in OR where there is no tax, we each got an iBook (they both got 14's I got the next-to-newest 12), so I'm finally on the bandwagon. I like it, nice and small and good for lugging around.
Speaking of nice and small, which I am not, after the nast few odds and ends get finished, I shall be an official Camp Sambica Intern for this year! I'm so excited.
Hope seminary is treating you well. I need to get sleep for there is a whole lot more driving to do.

Justin said...

Sweet! So when do I get to come for a visit???

Paul Swanson said...

Awesome! Congrats! I'm glad you're finally getting settled in SC. Hope you're doing well, and make sure to come visit, that is, if you haven;t forgotten about us Sea-Town folk. Word.

Aaron said...

That's wonderful- what a blessing! Those are awesome wood floors. I'd offer to help with the moving-in and all if it weren't for the fact that you two are so far away. I hope you enjoy your new home!

Jeremy said...

Congratulations on finding a house! Searching for a new place to live is often such a hassle. And you don't have to live in Due West. :)

We'll have to hit Orlando sometime since you guys are closer, although I'm thinking some time next year.

robyn a. jones said...

Congrats, What a cute house! :) I know you will enjoy it. I love the room with the horizontal slatted wood.. or paneling. The house has a lot of character... I know you'll be quick to decorate it better than I have mine.. I finally finished tiling the sunroom floor... Anyways, Have a good day and congrats.