March 04, 2005

kansas holds at #7, washington at

Somehow, Kansas lost 3 in a row, culminating with an always painful loss to Corn Shuckers (where the "N" stands for "knowledge"). They have one game to go, this Sunday against Mizzou, and then on the Big 12 Tournament. As long as they hold on this weekend, they'll take the Big 12 regular season championship.

On a local note, Washington is about to take it's first Pac-10 title in something like 20 years! I'm a fool for not having made it to a game since I've been here. And I never got to see one on television. Nate "The Great" was amazing last year when I saw him, I can only imagine he's gotten better.

So will I be a Husky or a Jayhawk for the month of March?

Well, my blood pumps crimson and blue, so I think I'll have to be a Jayhawk till the end, even when I move to South Carolina in the fall and it will be tempting to be a Tar Heel, you'll never see me deny my roots, even if certain coaches decide they need to leave certain schools to go to other certain schools.

Way to go on a great season, Huskies. I'll be cheering for you as you make your way to the Big Dance. But let's hope that a Jayhawk never meets a Husky in a dark alley; I'd be afraid to see who would win that one...

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