February 02, 2005

oh it's been so long

Hotel Desk
Hotel Desk,
originally uploaded by Luke and Sarah.
So I can't even remember the last time I posted or what I posted about. If I don't do this now, I won't do it at all!

It's been a wild two weeks, so here's a quick rundown. 2 weekends ago, Sarah and I travelled to Vancouver, BC. It rained the entire time, so we were a bit miserable: couldn't see any scenery, just the tops of our shoes. On a bright note, by chance we stayed at the hotel where they filmed "Best in Show". The picture above is of the front desk. I walked in to check in and I knew instantly where I was. Pretty crazy, huh?

This week has been crazy with finishing two videos for RUF tonight, one for the Ski Day that's not happening (more below) and a thought piece on the Meaning of Life. This Friday we'll be having a Scavenger Hunt instead of Ski Day, and then we'll be catching a red-eye to Pittsburgh. Tuesday night, just before 12:00 EST, Sarah's grandfather passed away, and we'll be at the funeral on Saturday morning. We're thankful that we get to go and be with family.

I hope to post more soon, but I knew that I wouldn't do it if I didn't do it now. See you soon...


brendan said...

That's great--did they (the hotel) have a better supply of squeaky toys this time around?

Justin said...

your right...its been a long time, this sunshine is so rare it makes a seattle winter look like the sunniest place on earth...