January 13, 2005

update on my mobility

If you read the below post (dislocating news), you might be wondering how I've been holding up, so here are a few random thoughts concerning my knee:
  • I'm almost off the crutches! They're more of a nuisance than anything right now, but they help to get around campus and other long distances, and to get people to hold the door for me, give me sympathy at the cash register, and to trip miscellaneous pedestrians, either by accident or on purpose.
  • I'm still wearing the immobilizer brace (which I just got the bill for... and it makes my wallet ache a bit... wonder if they make a brace to nurse that back to health). Anyways, I'm about to move to a patella restraint brace. I own one from my previous surgery and subsequent rehab. Only problem is that the last time I wore it was at least 5 years ago. When I put it on my right knee this week to try it out, I found that it didn't fit. I actually couldn't get all the way up my quadrecept. So thanks to 5 years of weight gain, I have to buy a larger brace.
  • To top all of my fictitious stories of my accident (another post perhaps) I was talking with Stacy Solano who is a physical therapist who attends Green Lake Pres. with me, and she informed me that she was quite astonished that I was suffering from this malady. It seems that she doesn't usually see a lot of active, young men (like myself... she flatters me to think I'm 'active') that need to rehab a knee problem like mine (specifically the surgery that I had on my left knee; what is called a 'lateral release'). She typically sees this surgery done on elderly, obese women whose legs bow in because of the weight. I got a laugh out of that. Can't say I've been compared with an elderly, obese woman in at least 3 or 4 months tops.
  • And I found out that I don't have the silliest injury story. The gal who sold me my Barq's root beer at the HUB Newsstand said that she had a friend that slipped on a piece of wrapping paper, fell down the stairs, and messed up something pretty badly in their leg. I can sleep easy now, there are other klutzes out there!

Keep smiling... and if that doesn't help, visit your nearest Starbucks. I'm sure there's one just around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

Luke, I may just be able to rival those klutz injury stories. I once badly broke a foot bone from simply tripping on thin air! That's right. I was simply walking across my bedroom and tripped over absolutely NOTHING and crack! Totally busted a foot bone.

So do I win the klutz award?