August 29, 2013

Images For The Way

This summer at Grace Church, the sermon series has been "Words For The Way: Wisdom From The Psalms." For each of the Psalms that we have looked at, I asked artists from our congregation to provide new and existing artworks that are meditations on the sermon text for the week. Here they are:

"Planted By The Water" by Kat McLean
Psalm 1 | Sermon: The Blessed Life"

Art: "Heartwood" by Kathryn Beals
Psalms 42+43 | Sermon: Words For Depression
See a speed-painting video of the creation of this piece

"Blessing" by Kathryn Beals
Psalm 100 | Sermon: Words For Praise
See a speed-painting video of the creation of this piece

"In The Depths" by Kat McLean
Psalm 88 | Sermon: "Words For The Darkness"

"Brokenness" by Mike Bahn 
Psalm 51 | Sermon: "Words For Waking Up In Vegas"


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